The future – that is what interests us very much. After having spent so many years in school and in university you might want to know what the result of all your efforts will be. In that case we would very much like to meet you. Because you might be our future – and we might be yours.

Meet Kennedy Van der Laan

You can meet us in various ways. You can come to lunch, or you can participate in a two month’ student internship. Or maybe you want to apply directly to one of our vacancies. An excellent command of the Dutch and the English language is a must to work at our law firm.

Do you have any questions? Call us. There might be someone you already know at Kennedy Van der Laan. If not, please ask for Florine van der Ven, Recruiter. You can mail us too:

Information for Your Thesis

Whether you are interested in a job or not, we are happy to give you legal information.
If you are looking for a fine current subject for your thesis, or if you want to know how a certain topic is regarded by the legal profession? This website is full of publications written by our attorneys for professional magazines and newspapers. Or you can subscribe to our newsletter. Every month we publish a newsletter in which we discuss current developments in various legal fields. Do you have specific questions? Just call or mail our Recruiter, Florine van der Ven.