Everybody at Kennedy Van der Laan is working at a high level. We are all professionals, whichever profession we have. Attorneys can be quite self-willed, that is part of their profession. But they are very well aware that they do not know everything. So, if you take the challenge you can be sure that you will be taken seriously professionally – whether you are an attorney, a secretary, a staff executive or a civil-law notary.

Staff Executives

We have three administrative departments: Human Resources, Marketing and Finance & Operations. These are small teams. This means that narrow-mindedness will not get you far. Therefore, there is room for development. We like to support you with courses, trainings and coaching processes. We applaud initiative. What is more: we expect that you show initiative.


As a secretary you are usually working for various attorneys. Together, you take care that the practice runs smoothly, so that clients can leave their cases with us without any problem. In addition, you are part of a team of secretaries working in the same practice group. You can count on your colleagues: if it is busy, you offer each other assistance. And if it is quiet, which does not happen often, there is an indispensable friendliness.

In order for you to do your job well, an excellent command of the Dutch and English language is required. The minimum education level is senior general secondary education (HAVO). The employment conditions are really very good, and it is always possible to work four days.

How to apply?

Check our vacancies. Maybe there is no suitable vacancy for you, while you are thinking: I want to be part of this club. Please send an unsolicited job application to