We are very proud of our alumni. It is great to see how people find their way to a variety of responsible positions after having worked at Kennedy Van der Laan. A lot of former colleagues are doing well for themselves in all layers of society: in governmental and supervisory institutions, in the judiciary, in corporate life and in the not-for-profit sector.

We like to invite our former colleagues to stay in contact with us and with each other, thus forming a unique network which we can all enjoy!

We organize all kinds of things to cherish this network:

Spring Party

This is undisputedly our best annually recurrent party: the spring party for the entire KVdL family of employees and alumni.

Alumni Presentations

We like to learn from the experiences of our alumni in the business sector, with the government and in not-for-profit organizations. We very much hope that you will come back one day to your old firm to tell us about your new job.


As a former colleague you are naturally aware of our seminars on current legal topics and on developments in the various markets. You are very welcome to participate if such a seminar is of interest to you in your new position in the business sector, the government or the not-for-profit sector. We like to share our expertise with you and are curious to hear your experiences.

Permanent Education

Our internal training program includes both substantive courses and skills trainings. In-house lawyers of our most important clients can participate in the courses and trainings, as well as all our alumni who are now working as in-house lawyers, lawyers for non-governmental organizations or government lawyers. If you wish to receive a list of our courses and trainings, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Alumni Consultations

Some of our alumni are our clients now. But even if you are not, you know exactly what you expect of an external legal advisor. We regularly invite alumni to take example from, preferably in small groups and in an agreeable culinary environment.

Your Details

We would like to keep you informed about our activities. If we do not have your details yet, or if you change jobs or addresses, please inform us. Already thanking you in advance!


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