Working with us

Kennedy Van der Laan is an ambitious, slightly self-willed, Amsterdam-based law firm. We strive for top quality, but this does not mean that we are distant or formal. Quite the reverse: our office has a friendly and open atmosphere. We realize that you can only believe this after having experienced it yourself. You are therefore cordially invited to come and meet us.

We work hard, but also allow a lot of room for your personal development and private life. Everybody is allowed to work part-time. And our parties are legendary.

Working at Kennedy Van der Laan means variation and originality

Working at Kennedy Van der Laan means variation and originality, and sharing our great pride: a fascinating and varied clientele, from multinational to start-up, from not-for-profit organization to government. The pay is excellent, but money is not everything. We are personal, we are socially aware. We are interested in art. We like diversity. To fit in with us you just have to be yourself. This is even preferable to us. Just call or mail us or come to our office. We are very curious to meet you.

Also, read our Employment Conditions and Application Procedure.

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