Kennedy Van der Laan loves art. This is clear the moment you visit the website or enter the office. Art is the first thing you see. Some years ago the neutral entrance hall underwent a striking transformation, when the entrance and the reception area on the first floor were decorated by visual artist Krijn de Koning.


rietveldportrettenSelf-portraits of first-year students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, autumn 2012


The entrance hall is an attractive stage for temporary exhibitions organized at the Art Committee’s initiative. The artist Erik Mattijssen, regular advisor of the Art Committee, says the following about the art collection: “At Kennedy Van der Laan works of art represent an autonomous value. My predecessor Dineke Blom and designer Kees Ruyter started the art collection in 1992. They invited artists to make drawings for the firm’s information brochures. For years the advertisements in the professional journals used to attract a lot of attention because they displayed a drawing of an artist, without further explanation. The exhibitions in the entrance hall give us the opportunity to show very diverse work that is too big, too expensive or too controversial to buy.”


Colourful-Minds1‘Colourful Minds’, an exhibition with work from the company collections of ABN AMRO, ING Collectie Nederland and Kennedy Van der Laan, spring 2013


In the spring of 2013 ‘Colourful Minds’ was organised, a successful exhibition with works of art on loan from the company collections of ING and ABN AMRO bank. In the autumn of 2015 there will be a follow-up displaying works of insurance companies affiliated with Kennedy Van der Laan.

In our own art collection, currently consisting of almost 200 works, the emphasis is on work on paper of Dutch artists. Casper Schouten, former Managing Partner of Kennedy Van der Laan, says: “The artists  take us out of our routine, broaden our horizon, and cause lively discussions within the firm. It has been like this ever since we started our business. Art is still helping us to realize our dream: to be a socially responsible and innovative firm while providing top quality services.’


This video portrait was made during the construction of the ‘Colourful Minds’ exhibition.


In the past twenty years Kennedy Van der Laan has purchased work of the following artists. Here you can view the list of artists at Kennedy Van der Laan (pdf).