About Kennedy Van der Laan

We are a full-service law firm based in Amsterdam and Eindhoven, and active around the world. We have proven our worth as a trusted legal partner in the fields of technology, finance & insurance, media, fashion & retail, health care & the public sector and real estate & construction. Within these markets, we have a broad clientele and we serve the full spectrum from start-up to multinational. With around 100 attorneys, Kennedy Van der Laan has been a prominent independent law firm in the Netherlands for decades.

The Kennedy Van der Laan Way of Working

Our advice is to the point. Clients can count on our personal approach, with us acting as a dedicated sparring partner. We are approachable, rather than formal or chic. We are ambitious and prefer to do things our own way.

We look for the shortest way to a solution and reduce complexity. We speak the language of our clients and are realistic and open about the chances of success. We advise in a clear and practical way, try to prevent escalation, but act decisively when it comes to litigation.

We have a great love for art. We run our business with an eye for sustainability, for our direct environment, and for problems in society. We also feel responsible for our staff and clients.
On the Socially Engaged page you can read more about this.

Ticket to Innovation

The law has no secrets for us: it is our comfort zone. Innovative cooperation, however, needs a vision that reaches further. That is why we are exploring new ways of co-creation, knowledge sharing and pricing daily. In close consultation with our business partners, we are continuously developing new legal tech products. This gives us a steady leading position in the market.


Legaltech powered by kennedy van der laan

Kennedy Van der Laan is a partner of Dutch Legal Tech; a platform that promotes innovation in legal services. Through this partnership we put “legal tech” on the map both in the Netherlands and abroad.