Socially Engaged

In our profession, we are responsible for serving the interest of our clients. At the same time, we are a firm with social responsibility. Great social involvement – with our clients, our environment and our people – and a future-oriented vision are part of our corporate culture. We put this into practice by giving special attention to sustainable business operations and being a social partner to our neighborhood, but also in our choice of the type of cases we handle.

Special Cases and Commitment to Human Rights
Devotion and commitment make our firm eager to cooperate in high-profile cases that may change society for the better and/or in which issues in society can be addressed. We therefore participate in the Public Interest Litigation Project, a two-year pilot of the Dutch Section of the International Commission of Jurists (NJCM). Besides, we choose to give discounts off our rates to organizations with a clearly social character. Read more.

Sustainable Business Operations
Our internal business operations are environmentally aware; Kennedy Van der Laan operates on a fully CO2-neutral basis. Kennedy Van der Laan does not give its employees a company car, but a company bicycle. Solar panels, organic meals for lunch, and energy-saving lamps are other examples of our sustainability policy. We compensate our remaining emission by buying certified rights for the support of green projects. Sustainable and energy-saving applications in the office are therefore obvious to us. Read more.

Social Partner to our Environment
We like to share our knowledge and capacities with others. We are therefore closely involved in activities in our neighborhood, such as JINC. This not-for-profit organization helps youngsters from underprivileged neighborhoods gain a good starting position on the labor market. Besides, Kennedy Van der Laan supports several initiatives in the Westerpark area opposite our office, such as Business4Bees and het Ketelhuis. We are also active outside our neighborhood. For example, each year one of our employees goes abroad through the Foundation People4Change to do a non-profit traineeship and several colleagues devote themselves to the activities of Lawyers for Lawyers. Read more.