Commercial & Corporate Litigation and Arbitration

“Our litigators offer both practical and effective litigation services to defend your interests.”

The Commercial & Corporate Litigation and Arbitration team of Kennedy Van der Laan helps your business resolve disputes in the most effective way.


A commercial dispute may take a heavy toll on your business. Our team can take the dispute out of your hands and help you solve it. We will do this in the most efficient way, at the lowest possible cost. In many cases your business will be best served by avoiding legal proceedings. We understand this very well, and can provide the best communication with the other party: sharp, but solution-driven.

Preparing and Conducting Proceedings

It will sometimes be necessary to enforce your right or to defend yourself in court. Our specialists are greatly experienced in preparing and conducting legal proceedings, both in court and in an arbitration setting. With their command of procedural law as well as their knowledge of matters of substantive law  (such as contract law or non-contractual liability), they can pull together the best litigation team with the relevant expertise to defend your interests. Kennedy Van der Laan litigates for medium and big enterprises, multinationals and public authorities. We are very familiar with the international aspects of litigation and arbitration, such as assisting foreign businesses in the Netherlands and coordinating international teams in cross-border disputes.

Procedural Tools with Immediate Effect

Dutch procedural law offers many tools to achieve concrete results within a short time. We naturally know how to make efficient use of these tools. For your business we can arrange to have bank accounts or other assets seized by way of a preliminary (ex parte) measure; in some cases an attachment for the purpose of preserving evidence may be levied and other ex parte measures applied for; or we may obtain swift relief in interim relief proceedings, for example a court order banning the other party from performing specific acts or demanding performance.

Mediation and Binding Opinion

Litigation and arbitration are not always the best choice to resolve disputes. Kennedy Van der Laan can also offer assistance a mediation procedure. Applying for a binding opinion is another litigation service in which we are experienced.

Chambers Europe 2017 – Dispute Resolution – Recognised Practitioner

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Chambers Europe 2016 – Dispute Resolution – Recognised Practitioner

This firm is classed as a “Other Noted Firm”.

Other Noted Firms are firms that are active in this practice area but have not yet been ranked.


“We were excellently guided through an arbitration process by Kennedy van der Laan. It proved to be a tough time, trying to find our way through very complex issues. I was very happy with their guidance during the process and their help and efforts to continually simplify very complex matters and their being able to work efficiently in a complex environment.”
Helen van Laarhoven, Legal Counsel van Trans Link Systems B.V. 

Europe reaches compromise on Geoblocking

On the 20th of November the European Commission, Parliament and Council of the EU reached a compromise on the text of the Geoblocking Regulation. The...

22 december 2017 

Kennedy Van der Laan Launches Microsite for Expert GDPR Support

Via the privacy team of Kennedy Van der Laan offers a clear-cut action plan for the route towards GDPR compliance. Nicole Wolters...

06 november 2017 

Statutory Basis for Dutch Franchise Code

On 12 April 2017, Minister of Economic Affairs Kamp published a bill (Dutch) in which the Dutch Franchise Code (Nederlandse Franchise Code,...

24 may 2017 

The Legal 500 Rankings 2017

The Legal 500 has published its rankings for 2017. On the basis of annual extensive research on the market and among clients, The Legal 500 compiles...

13 april 2017 

Chambers and Partners Europe Rankings 2017

Chambers and Partners has published its rankings for 2017. On the basis of annual extensive research on the market and among clients, Chambers and...

13 april 2017 

Kennedy Van der Laan appoints two partners to strengthen its Commercial Litigation & Arbitration and Banking & Finance practices

From January 1, 2017, Kennedy Van der Laan named Christoph Jeloschek and Joris van Horzen as new partners. Bart de Man, Managing Partner: "These...

18 january 2017 

A New Way of Litigating | managing complex litigations & avoiding spiralling out of (cost) control

An article by our partner and member of our dedicated Litigation and Arbitration team Christoph Jeloschek for General Counsel Netherlands (GCN). Go...

09 november 2016 

The Future of Litigation in International Commercial Disputes

The Netherlands Commercial Court You may ask yourself why this special feature of this magazine contains a contribution in English. Litigation...

29 september 2016 

The Works Council's Right to Advise During Bankruptcy

If a company goes bankrupt, the receiver may decide to sell the company. Pursuant to the Dutch Works Councils Act (Wet op de ondernemingsraden,...

17 august 2016 

Kennedy Van der Laan Only Non-British Firm Nominated for The Lawyer Business Leadership Awards 2016

Today, it was announced that Kennedy Van der Laan has been nominated for The Lawyer Business Leadership Awards 2016. With its ‘Alliance Community...

27 june 2016 

How Far Must Employers Go to Prevent a Damaged Working Relationship?

On 25 April, the Court of Appeal Arnhem-Leeuwarden rendered a judgment showing that great efforts are expected of employers to prevent a damaged...

22 june 2016 

Substantiation of Directors' and Officers' Liability: Right to Inspect Accounts of Bankrupt Company?

On 8 April 2016 the Dutch Supreme Court held that a creditor of a bankrupt company did not have the right to inspect – pursuant to Section 3:15j...

19 april 2016 

Kennedy Van der Laan Strengthens its Employment and Commercial Teams

On 15 February, Jessica Dietz started at Kennedy Van der Laan as an employment law attorney. On 1 March, Jelle Blom will join the Commercial Team to...

23 february 2016 

The Netherlands Commercial Court is on its way: The Netherlands as a centre for international commercial disputes

The Netherlands is working very hard to strengthen its position in the resolution of international commercial disputes. While The Hague has been the...

21 january 2016 

Kennedy Van der Laan Appoints Four Counsel

Kennedy Van der Laan has appointed as counsel its attorneys Bart-Adriaan de Ruijter, Christien Wildeman, Floor Veltman and Otto Sleeking as per...

14 january 2016 

The New EEX Regulation: Improved Recognition and Enforcement Law in International Matters

International litigation practice awaits an important change. Starting from 10 January 2015, the new EEX Regulation, the Brussels Ibis Regulation...

19 january 2015 

Adversely Affecting Works Council Members

Adversely Affecting Is Prohibited Section 21 of the Dutch Works Councils Act (Wet op de Ondernemingsraden, "WOR") provides that the employer shall...

18 february 2013 

Embedding is ‘communication to the public’: Judgment in the Case

The Court of The Hague rendered an interesting judgment on the question whether the embedding of radio streams on the websites and

11 january 2013 

Territorial Borders of Member States Should be Disregarded in Assessment of Genuine Use of a Community Trademark

ECJ, 19 December 2012, case C-149/11 (ONEL/OMEL) Leno registered the Community trademark ONEL in 2002 for advertising and publicity and for legal...

11 january 2013 

Suspension and Ceasing to Pay Wages During Illness; an Important Difference

Court of Appeal of Leeuwarden, 29 March 2011, LJN BQ0686 The continued payment during illness has been regulated in Section 7:629 of the Dutch...

27 may 2011 

Dutch doors wide open to Class Action Settlements

Class Action Settlements are binding even if the connection with the Dutch Legal sphere is minimal. With its (provisional) decision in the Converium...

28 march 2011 

Company Law and Arbitration in International Situations

LJN: BN8533, Supreme Court, 09/01551 On 11 March 2005 Silver Lining sold all shares of Perstorp Waspik B.V. to Perstorp AB from Sweden. The...

24 february 2011 

Illness, Reintegration and Inadequate Performance; Deployment of Mediation

Subdistrict Court of Dordrecht (AR_2010_0729) Terminating an employment contract during illness on the basis of inadequate performance is usually...

28 october 2010 
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