Competition Law and European Law

“Strategic advice in the field of Competition Law and European Law.”

Competition Law and European Law are playing an important role in an increasing number of sectors in the Netherlands. Many companies are confronted with these complex areas of law, for instance when collaborating with other companies, in commercial contracts, mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures. Besides companies, authorities and other non-commercial parties may also be confronted with Competition Law and European law, for instance in relation to state aid.

With its expertise, experience and knowledge of the market the Competition Law and European Law Team is able to give clients practical advice on how to limit Competition-Law risks and how to resolve disputes with competition authorities.

The Competition Law and European Law Team is a spider in our firm’s web. The team cooperates with all other teams of Kennedy Van der Laan and has developed special expertise in, inter alia, the financial sector, the healthcare sector, telecommunications and information technology, life sciences, media, fashion and retail.

The Competition Law and European Law Team, headed by Annemieke van der Beek, assists clients in Competition Law and European Law matters in a broad sense.

The Core of the Competition Law and European Law Practice:

  • Strategic advice on alliances and governance models in mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures
  • Notification of concentrations (mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures) to the competition authorities
  • Notification and guidance of complaints to the competition authorities
  • Guidance of compliance of companies
  • Advice on and litigation regarding:
  • Cartel agreements (e.g. price-fixing arrangements and market allocation schemes);
  • Commercial contracts (e.g. for distribution, agency, franchise, licenses and joint ventures)
  • Specific rules and limitations for companies having a dominant position (e.g. pricing policies and exclusivity arrangements)
  • Advising authorities and companies on:
  • State aid
  • Public procurement
  • Public-private partnerships

Martine de Koning of the technology practice particularly focuses on distribution structures.

Competition and Litigation

Our Competition Law and European Law practice not only provides advice, it also has broad experience in representing clients in proceedings before the competition authorities (the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets ACM and the European Commission), Dutch courts and European judicial authorities.

If you would like more information about Competition Law and European Law, please do not hesitate to contact Annemieke van der Beek or Martijn van Bemmel.

Testimonial Geld Service Nederland

In our cooperation with Kennedy Van der Laan, the elements that appeal to us are the mutual harmony and interest, flexible attitude and professionalism of the firm.

In 2010 we asked Annemieke van der Beek for strategic advice about the incorporation of Geld Service Nederland (GSN); afterwards, in the past years Kennedy Van der Laan assisted us in several proceedings and summary proceedings. Other parties in the market claimed that GSN was restricting competition and brought several proceedings against us. The outcome of all these cases was unanimous: the various banks that cooperate within GSN do not restrict competition.

We at GSN are especially happy with the cooperation model between ourselves and Kennedy Van der Laan. Thanks to a great mutual commitment to the preparation of the cases and a clear division of roles, we were able to choose the best strategy to follow in these cases together. With Kennedy Van der Laan we have developed a characteristic method of cooperation, in which GSN supplies the relevant facts, after which Annemieke and her team translate this business information into legally relevant information.

All in all, we are extremely satisfied; not only with the positive outcome of the various proceedings and summary proceedings, but also with the cooperation. The team of Kennedy Van der Laan, consisting of Annemieke van der Beek, Martijn van Bemmel and Fabian Kroon and several other colleagues from other practice groups, always do their utmost to achieve the best result for us.

Victor de Wolff
Financial Director GSN


Legal 500 EMEA 2016 – EU and Competition – Tier 4

Kennedy Van der Laan is particularly strong in certain industry sectors, including healthcare, IT and financial services. Annemieke van der Beek’s practice takes in state aid and public procurement. Martine de Koning is recommended.


Chambers Europe 2015 – Competition/European Law – Band 3

Annemieke van der Beek of Kennedy Van der Laan focuses on competition work related to corporate transactions, as well as cartel and abuse of dominance matters. She represents high-profile clients from the banking, healthcare and telecoms sectors.


Legal 500 EMEA 2015 – Competition and European law – Tier 4

Kennedy Van der Laan handles contentious and non-contentious competition matters for a client base of Dutch and international companies, particularly in the technology, media, healthcare and transport sectors. Annemieke van der Beek and Martijn van Bemmel are recommended.

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Manual for Raids by Supervisory Authorities (NZa, ACM, European Commission, etc.)

The Dutch health care sector actively supervises the behaviour of health care insurers and health care providers in particular. The Dutch Health Care...

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European Commission Starts Investigation in E-Commerce Industry

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Competition Investigation into Amazon: Second Attack on American IT Giant by European Commission

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Fair competition: ambient intelligence, smart marketing and loyalty programmes

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NMa Can Only Fine Supervisory Directors in Exceptional Cases

The Court of Rotterdam, 27 September 2012, LJN BX8528 The Facts In 2010, the Dutch Competition Authority (“NMa”) first used its new authority...

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Recent Developments in the Area of Co-Insurance Pools: More (Un)Certainty?

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Competition Law: New Exemption Decree Applicable in Insurance Sector

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Up to Dutch Court to Prohibit Online Games of Chance of English Ladbrokes at Lotto's Request

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New European Competition Rules on Vertical Agreements

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Conflicting Sponsorship Agreements in Badminton

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Commitment Decision after Patent Ambush

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Legal privilege in-house counsel rejected again

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Cases against Microsoft

In the past years, Microsoft has been under heavy antitrust scrutiny. The company has been accused of several forms of anti-competitive behaviour....

01 june 2007 
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