MT Introduces the MT1000: Kennedy Van der Laan Best Law Firm

MT introduces the MT1000: a list of the best business service providers in the Netherlands.

The MT1000 has proclaimed Kennedy Van der Laan MT1000 the number 1 service provider in the category legal and notarial. To see the full list, click here.

Justification of the Investigation

The experiences of more than 2,500 business decision-makers form the basis of the list. A panel of business decision-makers was invited to share their experiences. In total, 2,592 respondents have assessed 2,135 different companies. They could only assess companies with whom they had had business contact in the last three years.

So it is experiences, rather than just reputations, that lie at the heart of the MT1000. Respondents were asked to rate their suppliers on a scale from 1 to 10: ‘How likely is it that you would recommend this service provider to a friend of a colleague?’ Based on the answers, the Net Promotor Score was calculated, which forms the basis of the lists of the MT1000.

The suppliers were also evaluated on the basis of three substantial aspects: customer focus, product leadership and quality of performance (according to the model of Treacy and Wiersema). Respondents could give up to 5 stars.

Finally, they were asked to describe their experience with a supplier in their own words.