Rules for Holidays: Here They Are

How will unused holidays be dealt with? Is the employee entitled to payment, or can the employer oblige him to take these days still? Unused Holidays - Dos and Don’ts Meer

New State of Affairs in Investment-Linked Insurance File: Courts and Kifid on a Different Course

A short overview of the state of affairs in the “profiteering policies file”. Meer

Denying Transition Fee to Old-Age Pensioners Prohibited Age Discrimination?

The law provides that an employee is not entitled to a transition fee when the termination of the employment agreement occurs in connection with or after reaching the state pension and/or retirement age. It is doubtful whether this provision constitutes a prohibited discrimination on grounds of Meer

Appraisals. Checklist About Employees Performing Poorly [6 Requirements]

Eva will give an explanation of the file employers have to compile if they want to let an employee go. What do they need? Meer

An increase in termination compensation?

A groundbreaking ruling of the Dutch Supreme Court about the calculation of a fair compensation. Meer

End of the Pre-Pack After ECJ Judgment on Transfer of Undertakings?

European Court of Justice effectively torpedoes Dutch pre-pack procedure; other European pre-pack procedures may also be at risk. Meer

FinTech and competition law: FinTech as driver of competition?

FinTech developments are growing exponentially, in particular with respect to payment services. In the past few weeks, again, a large number of innovations with a focus on consumer user-friendliness have been announced. Meer

Will the Dutch self regulation on franchise, the Dutch Franchise Code, receive a basis in statutory law?

On 17 February 2016, the Dutch Franchise Code (“DFC”)1 was published. Although the DFC currently only has the status of a self-regulatory Code, the Minister of Economic Affairs has on 12 February 2017 published a draft bill that gives self-regulation for the franchise sector a statutory basis. Meer

Summary Dismissal of a Sick Employee; Think Again!

When the re-integration process of a sick employee is difficult, this may lead to disputes between employer and employee. We found a recent example of this in a ruling of the Court of Overijssel. Meer

Statutory Basis for Dutch Franchise Code

On 12 April 2017, Minister Kamp published a bill to give the Dutch Franchise Code a statutory basis. The Minister wishes to reinforce the interests of franchisees vis-à-vis franchisers. Meer