Update Crowdfunding: AFM Demands Improvement Provision of Information

Research of the AFM has shown that consumers systematically underestimate the risks involved in investing in crowdfunding. In the AFM´s view, this underestimation is caused by a lack of correct and complete information on chances and risks. Meer

KVdL Art: Katrin Korfmann

Since 9 January you can admire the work of artist Katrin Korfmann in our office. Meer

Is It Possible to Pass On the Transition Fee in the Hourly Wage in Advance?

Previously, Eva Knipschild wrote an article about the tricks employers use to circumvent the transition fee and about an employer who was punished by the court for not observing the notice period in order to avoid the transition fee. A new brilliant idea recently appeared before the Subdistrict Court of Rotterdam. Meer

Kennedy Van der Laan appoints two partners to strengthen its Commercial Litigation & Arbitration and Banking & Finance practices

From January 1, 2017, Kennedy Van der Laan named Christoph Jeloschek (Litigation & Arbitration) and Joris van Horzen (Banking & Finance) as new partners. Meer

Bill Introducing Class Actions for Damages, an Incentive or a Stick to Wield?

On 16 November 2016 a bill was submitted introducing class actions for damages. The bill intends to facilitate efficient and effective class actions for the settlement of large-scale loss cases. Meer

Who's Who Legal TMT 2017 Analysis: 'Independent Amsterdam-based outfit Kennedy Van Der Laan boasts some of the most highly regarded practitioners in the whole of the Europe.'

'Independent Amsterdam-based outfit Kennedy Van Der Laan boasts some of the most highly regarded practitioners in the whole of the Europe.' Meer

Spot the Differences: Self-Employed or Employee?

There is a lack of clarity on the question when a person must be regarded as self-employed or as an employee. The DBA Act was meant to clear things up, but in practice the opposite has happened. Meer

Renewed General Banking Conditions Easier to Fathom

The General Banking Conditions are a kind of ‘constitution’: they apply to all products and services that customers purchase from a bank. The 2009 terms and conditions have been adjusted and simplified. This article offers an outline of the most important changes. Meer

Enforcement of Assessment of Employment Relationships Deregulation Act Postponed Until At Least 1 January 2018

State Secretary Wiebes of Finance informed the Lower House of Parliament last Friday that this transition period, and thus the enforcement of the DBA Act, will be suspended until at least 1 January 2018. Meer

No Transition Fee If Collective Labour Agreements Have Equivalent Provision

In the future, the ‘equivalent provision’ in a dismissal on economic grounds no longer has to be equivalent to the value of the individual transition fee. Meer