MT Introduces the MT1000: Kennedy Van der Laan Best Law Firm

The MT1000 has proclaimed Kennedy Van der Laan MT1000 the number 1 service provider in the category legal and notarial. Meer

Europe reaches compromise on Geoblocking

The agreement, which still needs final adoption by the Council and the Parliament, will remove barriers to e-commerce by prohibiting discrimination based on customers' nationality, place of residence or place of establishment. Meer

Kennedy Van Der Laan Launches Kennedy Van der Laan |Sync

This new entity – a subsidiary of KVdL – combines high-end legal expertise with knowledge of in-house legal processes and IT. Meer

How should multinationals deal with the strict re-employment obligations in the Netherlands?

A recent ruling by the Court of Appeal of The Hague in a case concerning Shell. Meer

CJEU allows ban on online sale via 3rd party platform in selective distribution system

CJEU rules that within selective distribution system ban on online sale via 3rd party platforms are not in conflict with European competition law. Meer

Coalition Agreement 2017 – 2021: Main Plans for the Labour Market

In the coming period these plans will be elaborated in more detail in bills. The most important plans are described below. Meer

Kennedy Van der Laan Launches Microsite for Expert GDPR Support

Via the privacy team of Kennedy Van der Laan offers a clear-cut action plan for the route towards GDPR compliance. Meer

Rules for Holidays: Here They Are

How will unused holidays be dealt with? Is the employee entitled to payment, or can the employer oblige him to take these days still? Unused Holidays - Dos and Don’ts Meer

New State of Affairs in Investment-Linked Insurance File: Courts and Kifid on a Different Course

A short overview of the state of affairs in the “profiteering policies file”. Meer

Denying Transition Fee to Old-Age Pensioners Prohibited Age Discrimination?

The law provides that an employee is not entitled to a transition fee when the termination of the employment agreement occurs in connection with or after reaching the state pension and/or retirement age. It is doubtful whether this provision constitutes a prohibited discrimination on grounds of Meer