Customized Alliance: the new legal solution for multinationals

Customized AllianceCustomized Alliance is a tailored legal solution, designed for the specific needs of multinationals. As a result, you do not have to take a single brand’s standard offering and offices. You can choose a one-stop-shop, or have the flexibility to work with the network solution you want.

Download the brochure: ‘Customized Alliance by Kennedy Van der Laan‘. (pdf)

Customized Alliance is unique to the legal profession. It differs from networks of “Best Friends” in the following ways:

1) Best in class expertise and cultural fit

Customized Alliance allows you to select a network of local first-in-class legal firms based on your own criteria, chosen by you because of their expertise and cultural fit. This allows you to choose high-valued local practice groups that have expertise in crucial areas. In the selection process, firms can be chosen that already know and trust each other and/or you. Here, there are existing relationships that do not need to be built from scratch. As the Alliance operates over the years, mutual trust will increase because all firms are organized around your business, and share the same expertise and focus. Customized Alliance is flexible, in the sense that you can add (or replace) new law firms and new jurisdictions. The way of working and administration can be modelled exactly in line with your wishes, your internal organization and your ICT systems.

2) One-stop-shop means full control

Kennedy Van der Laan manages the Alliance by taking your perspective. Billing and budget control are handled centrally. Monthly reporting and full transparency allow you to check on key indicators, and to take strategic decisions. More detailed management information is available at all times.

3) Unique strategic partnership

We work as trusted partners with you, seeking win-win solutions. Close cooperation at management level is key. Decisions regarding law firm management are taken by mutual consent, after careful analysis of detailed financial and management information that we prepare. We respond to such items as new developments in your business strategy, Alliance firms, relevant legal fields or jurisdictions.

4) Innovative pricing structures

Customized Alliance provides maximum budget control through innovative pricing arrangements to match your preferences. These can include an annual fixed fee, with shared risk models between the Alliance firms, and/or a combination of fixed/capped fees per project and success fees. Plus deploying helpdesk functions, secondments, and dedicated teams.

5) Optimal knowledge sharing

Firms in the Customized Alliance are able to leverage each other’s knowledge across the Alliance and perform better for you. This benefits you, and raises the game for the entire network through sharing of best practice. Each lawyer, both in-house and in any of the law firms, can learn from subject matter experts across the Alliance. Your in-house counsel will be in the position to learn, share information and instruct efficiently in line with a uniform way of working. Freeing time for key strategic work. In this way, Customized Alliance can be a catalyst for talent development of all involved.

“Establishing a Nike Alliance, under the leadership of our Dutch partner
Kennedy Van der Laan, means being able to retain the firms that most fit
Nike’s needs in each jurisdiction; plus gain efficiencies, drive convergence
and increase spend predictability. In addition, the Nike Alliance is a powerful
catalyst for developing talent on our European legal team. Besides, we
now have much better insight into our legal expenses, and the work is
done more efficiently.”
Fabrizio Mecozzi, Vice President and General Counsel for Nike for Europe.
Nike is the first launch customer for the Customized Alliance.

Curious to learn how Customized Alliance can work for your business? Feel free to contact Martine de Koning, lead partner in the Alliance for Nike. 


Kennedy Van der Laan and its Alliance for Nike has IL2014_Logo_Nomineebeen shortlisted for the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards 2014 in the category “Most innovative law firm value resourcing”. This nomination resulted in a ranking on Financial Times Law Top 50: Law Firm Innovators 2014 (Europe). Read more on the ranking in the Financial Times Report.