25th Anniversary of Kennedy Van der Laan in 2017

On 1 April 2017 Kennedy Van der Laan will celebrate its 25th anniversary. In a quarter of a century, we have grown from a small law firm that wanted to do things ‘differently’ into a large law firm of about 180 staff members, with innovative power, courage and cooperation as our core values. As a result, the theme of our anniversary year has become: ‘Dare the Future!’ We dare the future, together with our cooperation partners!

Bart de Ruijter, attorney and chairman of the anniversary committee: “Kennedy Van der Laan was founded in 1992 in order to try an innovative approach of legal services ‘different’ from the traditional large firms. We aimed with ‘courage’ on legal areas not yet developed at the time, like IT and computer law, with clients such as Microsoft. Innovative power and courage are still firmly anchored into the DNA of Kennedy Van der Laan today. Every day we explore new ways of co-creation, knowledge sharing and pricing. In the future Kennedy Van der Laan will also keep daring the future together with its cooperation partners. Because of this memorable anniversary, Kennedy Van der Laan will organize several events throughout 2017 to thank all persons involved in our firm.

In the scope of the anniversary, Kennedy Van der Laan will organize events throughout 2017 for and with our clients, our employees, and other ‘partners’ with whom we have grown in the past 25 years to what we are today: approachable, rather than formal or chic. We look for the shortest way to a solution and reduce complexity. We speak the language of our clients and are realistic and open about the chances of success. We have a great love for art. We run our business with an eye for sustainability, for our direct environment, and for problems in society. Read more about the Kennedy Van der Laan Way of Working, our clients and our ambitions for the future.

Stay informed and follow us on Twitter and/or Linkedin! During the year you will find an impression of the above-mentioned events and festivities on this web page.

For more information, please contact Bianca Evers.